Strategic landscape

Strategic landscape

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  • Landscape Institute announces five-year strategic vision
  • Strategic planning – a way of incorporating landscape thinking into regional development
  • SAIS Review of International Affairs
  • Strategic Landscape Capacity Assessment for Wind Energy in Angus (PDF)
  • The Strategic Landscape, Europe and Challenges Ahead
  • The Landscape Strategy
  • Map a Strategy Landscape and avoid confusion
  • Hearings on The Changing Strategic Landscape of Nuclear Policy
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The Changing Strategic Landscape for Enterprises

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Landscape Institute announces five-year strategic vision

Michael Herzog was appointed Israel's ambassador to the United States inPreviously, he was an international fellow at The Washington Institute. On October 26, , Tal Becker and Brig. Michael Herzog addressed a special Policy Forum luncheon at The Washington Institute to discuss current Israeli strategic thinking at the negotiating table and on possible future battlefields. Becker is an Israel-based international associate with the Institute.

The Emerging Geo-Strategic Landscape in Central Asia. 15 Junio Article. Recent developments in Afghanistan suggest the New Great Game is intensifying.

Strategic planning – a way of incorporating landscape thinking into regional development

Often businesses fail, or fail to reach their true potential, for strategic rather than operational reasons. This type of failure may be caused because the key decision makers in such firms are not well informed about the strategic landscape in which their firm operates. A military analogy is used to show that successful military campaigns are often predicated upon having accurate maps. Similarly, competitive strategies followed by firms are likely to be more successful if key decision makers possess accurate strategic maps which display the location of their own and rival firms.In other words, those firms which have detailed knowledge of their strategic landscapes are likely to enjoy significant competitive advantage, while firms which are in ignorance of their strategic landscape are less likely to be able to navigate a route that will confer sustained competitive advantage. This paper analyses an approach to strategic mapping developed by a major new independent strategic database called CAM Competitive Analysis Model. This database has been built to aid small firms improve their results through generating accurate strategic maps. McNamee, P. Report bugs here.

SAIS Review of International Affairs

The idea of strategy, more generally, invokes the art of engagement, typically in battles, but also in any activity that requires a certain finesse, careful positioning, and intelligent, informed, coordinated actions to ensure success advantage rather than disadvantage, survival rather than death. However, to think solely in terms of ends is perhaps not accurate, for a good strategy remains dynamic and open and thereby assures its own longevity. It is more conversational and engaging than it is confrontational or assertive. A good strategy is a highly organized plan spatial, programmatic, or logistical that is at the same time flexible and structurally capable of significant adaptation in response to changing circumstances. Too rigid a strategy will succumb to a surprise or to a logic other than that for which it was designed, and too loose a strategy will succumb to anything more complex or to anything more highly organized and better coordinated.

Strategic Landscape: Opportunities and Threats.

Strategic Landscape Capacity Assessment for Wind Energy in Angus (PDF)

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The Strategic Landscape, Europe and Challenges Ahead

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The Landscape Strategy

Written by Elena Lazarou with Jessica Parks. The first event in this series, held on 27 April , focused on economic and social policy. The events come at a time of deep reflection about the future of the EU. The European Commission launched its white paper on the future of Europe earlier this year and is also in the process of publishing five reflection papers on major EU issues, including the social dimension , harnessing globalisation , economic and monetary union, defence and finance.

Map a Strategy Landscape and avoid confusion

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Cell2Fire is a new cell-based wildland fire growth simulator designed to integrate data-driven landscape management planning models. The fire environment is modeled by partitioning the landscape into cells characterized by fuel, weather, moisture content, and topographic attributes. The model can use existing fire spread models such as the Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction System to model fire growth. Cell2Fire is structured to facilitate its use for predicting the growth of individual fires or by embedding it in landscape management simulation models. It incorporates a series of out-of-the-box planning heuristics that provide benchmarks for comparison. We illustrate their use by applying and evaluating a series of harvesting plans for forest landscapes in Canada.

This Landscape Strategy is a non-statutory plan which addresses issues that affect the varied landscapes of County Durham by setting out objectives for their conservation, restoration and enhancement. The strategy is aimed at all those who have an interest in the Durham landscape, or who are involved in its management or development.

Hearings on The Changing Strategic Landscape of Nuclear Policy

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