How long does it take for fruit trees to grow

How long does it take for fruit trees to grow

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How long does it take for fruit trees to grow?" pýta sa.

"What? I haven't even heard about it. How long does it take for fruit trees to grow?" Pýtam sa.

"They are going to grow a large number of fruits of different kinds, so the process will take a long time," he explains.

I ask, "I thought the tree will have fruits of only one kind."

"You can't make your trees grow fruits by feeding them," he answers.

"Is there a special diet for fruit trees?" Pýtam sa.

"There is no need to feed them. They will do fine by themselves," he explains.

"Don't they need a special kind of fertilizer to grow all the kinds of fruits?"

"No, they do not need that," he says. "You can't make your tree's fruit by planting it in the ground. It will give only one kind of fruits."

"Then how are they going to grow the others?" Pýtam sa.

"They are not going to grow. They are in stasis. When they are in stasis, they don't grow fruits but after a while when they are unfrozen, they will grow."

I think of my brother. I was really surprised. "Will they grow for the entire season?" Pýtam sa.

"Yes, you just plant the trees, and when the time comes, they will be ready to grow fruits."

"Why didn't they tell me before?" Pýtam sa.

"We had told you earlier. We just don't get to see people often. So we forgot," he says.

### Chapter 4: What is in the ground that grow fruit?

We continue walking down the road. I start to ask about my brother.

"He is very smart. Just like his mother. Even though he is so smart, he has never seen anything that had grown naturally. I really admire him. I am just happy that I could give him the best of everything that I get from nature," he says.

I think about what he said. There is so much that we humans take for granted. I think we forget what we are doing to take advantage of nature. He is just making sense.

"You know, we humans are very selfish. We want to do everything by ourselves. We are also not very conscious. I mean, we can be aware of nature but don't know how it works."

I don't want to talk about my brother anymore because it makes me feel sad. I didn't mean to. He is like a big brother to me. I just feel lost when I think about him. My mind goes blank when I try to imagine his face.

"What do you think, he must have been thinking about me?" Pýtam sa.

"Why would he think about you?" on hovorí.

"Because we were just talking. We are twins. We always do that. I guess it is because we look alike. We were just having a conversation. And then, he was gone."

"Čo tým myslíte?"

"I mean, I just spoke to him but then, he was gone."

"I know what you mean. I did the same thing as you. I know what it feels like when someone is gone. I am going to be with my brother soon. I think he was with my brother."

"I think you are right. When I was at the top, he was also up there."

"Why didn't you go up there?"

"When I was at the top, I couldn't climb any higher. It feels like my head is going to explode."

Smeje sa.

"If you are scared, just yell. The neighbors will hear you. They will be with you in no time," he says.


"Yes, I promise."

"Really?" Ja hovorím. "When you are with your brother, will you tell me everything that happened?"

"Yes, I promise."


"Bye," he says and he turns off his voice.

# Chapter Twenty-Six

"Čo robíš?" I say, trying to figure out what is going on.

He turns on the voice and he says, "I am going to find my brother."

I ask, "How will you find him?"

"He was with me, before he left. Now I will find him," he says.

"How will you find him?" I ask again.

"I have an idea. I will ask my sister."

"Nápad?" Pýtam sa.

"Yes. If she can't reach her brother, I can. Let's go."


"Yes, we need to find my brother. We have to find him and tell them. Please, hold my hand."

I hold his hand and we walk. My feet feel as if they are standing on clouds, as if they have grown wings. The sound of the ocean's waves echoes in my head. I breathe in, feeling like I am going to die, and I exhale. We stop in front of the house. We look at each other. I pull his face to mine. I feel his breath, like a flame. I breathe in his breath and my heart beats. He pulls me to him and I feel like I have wings.

"Now I will ask my sister, if I can reach him," he says.

"I like the way you think," I say and I hug him.

We go to the door and he knocks on it.

"Come in," a girl's voice says.

"I want to ask you, my sister's boyfriend, if you have seen my brother," he says.

"No, I haven't," the voice says.

"We need to find him," he says.

"I'm sorry. I haven't seen him, or anyone."

"Thank you," he says. "Now we will go."

"Come in," a woman's voice says.

„Chcem sa ťa opýtať, matka mojej sestry, ak si videl môjho brata,“ hovorí.

„Nie, nevidel som ho ani nikoho.“

„Musíme ho nájsť. Musí im o nás povedať. Teraz musíme ísť.“

„Poď,“ hovorí hlas iného človeka.

„Chcem sa ťa opýtať, otec mojej sestry, ak si videl môjho brata,“ hovorí.

„Nie, nevidel som ho ani nikoho.“

„Musíme ho nájsť. Musí im o nás povedať. Teraz musíme ísť.“

„Poď,“ hovorí hlas iného človeka.

„Vieš, kde je?“ Hovorí otec môjho brata.

„Bol tu pred pár minútami a potom som sa spýtal ostatných. Nevideli ho.“


Vrátime sa ku dverám.

„Teraz sa ťa pýtam, prečo mi nehovoríš, kde je? Nehovorím mu, že si mi povedal,“ hovorí.

„Neviem, kde je. Nepovedal som nikomu, že si so mnou hovoril.“

„Čo sa s ním stane, ak im o nás nepovie?“ Pýtam sa.

„Chytia ho,“ hovorí otec môjho brata.

„Možno my


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