Tree that bear fruit

Tree that bear fruit

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Tree that bear fruit are watered by the blood of Christ.

If you have had much interaction with these people over the years, you know there is always something to argue about, something they need to prove, another way in which they need to “prove” their existence. It’s a complex process that’s been going on since time began.


Because there is a benefit that goes beyond argument for their presence. Their blessings and covenant keepings are tangible evidence of the blood of Jesus Christ. God understands that he is best with the shedding of blood (Isa. 53:12). So every time a believer eats a fruit-bearing plant, or tastes something that was made possible by God, they see in it a visible sign that this loving God is real.

His covenant keepings have always been a major problem for God’s people. They have pushed God out of the covenant relationship and set themselves up as sovereigns, choosing their own ways and paths. But Christ has now come and has made a new covenant (Heb. 8:8-10). That is why His command to observe God’s covenant keepings is so necessary.

His law cannot be relaxed or made optional. We have been chosen for a purpose. We are called to a new covenant—one that demands our full and complete attention.

We must not walk in our old sins. Our old ways of life make us unfit for the new. We must live a life of righteousness and holiness. The sacrifices of Jesus provide an eternal basis for righteousness and holiness.

We are called to a life that is all to God. God’s law (or commandments) is a tutor to those who are under the law, for it teaches us to say, “Here I am.” We can now be mindful of this gospel message, making a choice and covenant to receive a new covenant of grace.

If you have a Bible, turn to Leviticus 17-19, and see the promises given to the people of God. How do they relate to you today? Do they give you assurance?

The law of God is living and active. It’s the only law. We live under a law that keeps us free.

By faith in Jesus Christ we receive the righteousness of God. We are justified by his shed blood, forgiven from the guilt of our sins. Christ’s righteousness covers all our sins, once for all. (1 Peter 3:18-19)

Do you understand this truth? That Christ’s righteousness covers our sins? Forgive yourself for being part of the problem all your life. Receive a new covenant of grace that takes you out of the darkness of your own sin.

The law of God is a tutor to those under the law. The purpose of the law is to prepare the way of the gospel.

If you have experienced a change of heart through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, you are no longer under the law. You are not under the law in a negative sense—as the law would require you to live in a particular way. But you are under the law of God in a positive sense—as the law provides a tutor, who teaches you to be obedient to his rules, to love him, and to live in a pure and holy way.

You are under God’s law, not because you need to be so, but because God’s law has been made as an instructional tool to help you live a life of righteousness, holiness, and obedience to his way of life. If you make the choice to become a child of God and experience the benefits of God’s grace through the shed blood of Christ, you are under God’s law—even though you have no formal instruction or need for additional instruction.

God’s purpose in providing His law is to prepare you for a life of righteousness and holiness. A law cannot be set aside or made optional, it cannot be flippantly ignored. The law of God is meant to be lived out every moment of every day. The law of God is designed to guide us toward living a holy life, one that is all to God.

Christ has provided a way for you to receive the law in your heart, and he has already enabled you to make a choice to submit to this law. You are not required to submit to this law, but you have the free will to choose it.

God’s law is to be maintained. You can choose to obey or disobey. The law of God is designed to point you to Christ, and then to teach you to live a life of holiness by learning to walk in a way that is all to God.

The law of God’s law and the law of man’s law are not the same. In spite of all the differences, there are some truths that are common to both. They both point us to the way of

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