Hot pepper spray for fruit trees

Hot pepper spray for fruit trees

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Hot pepper spray for fruit trees

Hot pepper spray works great for keeping fruit eating birds away from your fruit trees, but what if you need to repel fruit-eating rodents from a tree but don't have pepper spray?

Hot pepper spray works great for keeping fruit eating birds away from your fruit trees, but what if you need to repel fruit-eating rodents from a tree but don't have pepper spray?

I know several people with large fruit trees who need to do this. I would like to find out what they used. Also, pepper spray won't work for larger birds and animals like squirrels, rabbits, etc. Is there something that will? Also, what was the best place for them to spray? Near the trunk of the tree? In the tree?

Ahoj! I used a product called Tree-Safe - it's a spray with liquid capsicum. It's for birds only and it contains capsicum. It will also put a stop to fruit eating rodents. It costs about $10 but it is well worth the investment. It's a spray though and not a product you can put on the ground. That said I use a repellent of sorts all the time! The easiest way I use it is to keep it in my backpack and take it out at the first sign of rodent activity. It's also great for deterring ants (just as a precaution) and I use it in my garden. The key here is patience, it's easy to scare them off if you wait until they're actively seeking food. You might also consider using a product called Ant-Away as a preventative. It works by releasing a chemical that repels ants. Once the ants detect this repellent, they simply move on. Unfortunately this is of no use for your fruit trees. Good luck with your quest!

We used repellent made from hot peppers (cayenne or chili) mixed with a little bit of salt, and in the mornings and after the birds had been there for a few hours, the smell from the berries being eaten by birds was quite unbearable for a pár dní.

I have no other advice. You can either go up there or not. If you do go, I would just keep a water spray or at the very least a very light shower handy. You won't be able to use any kind of repellent or deterrent on your own, but you could do one of the sprays or pouches on it and spray in the spot where they are. And you'll probably want to also keep your hands clear of the berries, as they may have some kind of repellent, and of course it's a good idea to have someone else keep watch, so to speak, while you are away.

Veľa štastia!

The key is to use a product that contains chili pepper. In New Zealand, the product I use is called TreeSafe and it is not safe for citrus trees. I had been using an organic product called PeeperBeads and that was OK for citrus.

It is good for fruit trees because if you can't use chili peppers, then you use either the cayenne pepper or other hot pepper like the habanero pepper.

Veľa štastia!

I have tried a few organic repellents with no success in preventing the birds from eating the fruit. I do like to think that this may be because the birds have the smell in their system and don't get back to it, or something along those lines. I can go away and not worry about them as much as if they actually ate the fruit. As long as the birds don't damage the fruit, I can just live with it.

This is how the birds take the fruit and the damage.

This is how the birds take the fruit and the damage.

My sister has seen birds just peck off the ends of the pears and leave the rest. Then she notices the fruit not staying on the tree! It might be that they were pecking up the "buds" and eating the berries off the main parts.

We have not seen a lot of damage, although there have been signs of it on our pears, apples, plums, nectarines, peaches and even grapes. They have not gone through the winter so it has not been bad for them. We would like to keep the birds off the tree as much as possible.

Good luck to everyone. Please let us know how it is going!

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Thanks for the heads up. I live in Central PA and it is getting cold here. I think I will try it on my pears and see if it has an effect. I will also let you know how it goes. Good luck to everyone!

The first thing to remember when pruning or taking an otherwise dead tree is that no one is born with skills as a tree surgeon. I am a tree surgeon, I have worked professionally for nearly 20 years in the eastern US. That said, the process is the same for most species of tree. There are, however, some very simple rules, such as you don't prune from below the last set of leaves. It is possible that the birds or something else may be causing the problem.Keď sa ovocie poškodí, vtáky spôsobia určité poškodenie. Pravdepodobnejšou príčinou tohto poškodenia je však to, že máte zónu s nízkym prerezávaním, v takom prípade musíte mať pred dosiahnutím dolných vetiev 2 až 3 stopy vetiev. Ďalším miestom, kde sa dá pozrieť, sú tipy na vetvu. Vtáky majú tendenciu pracovať zozadu. Musíte odstrániť všetky vetvy s nízkym visom na východnej strane stromu, často sa dostanú do cesty a sú príliš ťažké na to, aby sa pohybovali a spôsobili poškodenie stromu. Videl som to na mnohých stromoch v mojej oblasti a zvyčajne sa nevracia. Ak máte veternú búrku, choďte dolu na najnižšie končatiny a odstráňte ich. Ľahko sa poškodia, keď na ne fúka vietor. Ak chcete odstrániť hornú tretinu stromu, to nie je dobrý nápad, strom bude poškodený a bude náchylnejší na inú veternú búrku, alebo by mohlo byť veľmi ťažké znovu zaistiť, pretože rast je zlý. Ak je strom starý hemlock, potom je dobré odstrániť celú hornú tretinu, aby ste otvorili korunu na prietok vzduchu.

Ahoj, som nový člen. Bývam v NC a zaujímalo by ma, či by to mohol byť môj problém. Vo svojom dvore mám broskyňový strom a myslím si, že broskyňové stromy môžu byť infikované alebo poškodené. Neviem s istotou, ale tiež chcem na jar zasadiť jablkový strom


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